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2007 Teams

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Artificial Entertainment

Bathroom Buccaneers

Artificial Entertainment ScreenshotAvast me hearties! You are the Captain of a miniature Pirate Galleon. It is your goal to make yourself the only Captain of the bathtub. Your ship is armed with one forward and eight side-facing cannons. While searching for booty, dodging soap-bergs and bottles of shampoo, you’ll be battling other scurvy dogs through the foamy fog.

Thar’ll be doubloons for the taking and power ups to help ye sink yer foe, choose yer course wisely or I’ll make ye walk the plank!

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Care Box (winner)

Cold Sanity

Emergence Games


Lucid Dreams (finalist)


Phoenix Seed (winner)

Super E.G.O (finalist)


Voodoo Boogy (winner) (finalist)

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