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Dare ProtoPlay 2014

7-10 Aug (Thu-Sun), Dundee Caird Hall & City Square
Awards Ceremony:
2pm Sun 10 Aug, The Big Tent, City Square
Northern Lights Ceilidh: 8pm Sun 10 Aug, The Big Tent, City Square

Building on the final phase of the international video games design competition Dare to be Digital, Dare ProtoPlay is the UK's biggest indie games festival, taking place over 4 days in August every year. Entry to the Dare to be Digital games and the Dare Indie Showcase games is free. More than 40 games to be played for free.There are also many other education programmes to be enjoyed by a little more serious developers. Check below for more details.Dare ProtoPlay is sponsored by Creative Scotland, Event Scotland and Dundee City Council. Our general theme this year is convergence and innovation. You will see a lot of cross-media activities. Hope you will enjoy. Enquiries:

Apply to Dare Indie Fest         Call for Volunteers         Junior Judges now Open        

developers activities suitable for games developers or creative workers
family activities suitable for family
kids activities for kids or teenagers

Click to see Activites in the: 
The Big Tent  
Caird Hall
Marryat Hall at Caird Hall

 The Big Tent



Dare to be Digital 2014 Games

7-10 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-2pm)

Come play 15 brand new games developed by talent from the Dare to be Digital contestants. Industry judges will pick 3 winning teams from Dare to be Digital to become the sole nominations of the BAFTA Ones To Watch Award.

You can also have your say by voting them to win the  Audience Award.

Free Entry. 


Check out the Dare 2014 games here.


Junior Judges

Junior Judges

7, 8, 9 Aug (10:30am-4pm)

The ever popular Junior Judges is back. Kids between 8-14 are invited to become junior judges at Dare ProtoPlay. Bookings are now open and must be booked by parents or guardians. £8 per ticket (for the children only). Parents do not need a ticket to accompany their children. Only limit to 30 participants per day. 

Participants will get:

- a priority pass to play all the Dare to be Digital games
- judging guidelines to help you go through the process
- a Junior Judge T-shirt to make you stand out from the crowd


Book now:

7 Aug (Thu)

8 Aug (Fri)

9 Aug (Sat) SOLD OUT


Strawberry Thief

Sophia George/Victoria & Albert Museum

Game Preview by the first V&A Games Designer in residence

7-10 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-2pm)

Strawberry Thief is a playful celebration of the work of Victorian designer William Morris. Journey through this iconic pattern and bring his work to life!

Strawberry Thief was created as a result of the first games design residency at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Games designer Sophia George used the history of British design shown in the Britain 1500-1900 galleries as a starting point for her research. Sophia was inspired by the work and life of William Morris and has interpreted one of his most famous designs into a digital game.

Some of Sophia’s residency was dedicated to public engagement, inviting a variety of audiences to experience and participate in the creative process of game design though an innovative programme of events and activities at the V&A.

Production of the game took place at Abertay University, working with students Ellen Brown and Cameron Moore and local Dundee company Quartic Llama. Audio for the game was in collaboration with Neil Cullen from the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

Free Entry.

developers kidsfamily

RSNO Dare to compose

Dare To Compose by Royal Scottish National Orchestra

7-10 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-2pm)

Music in video games is often a sophisticated, complex composition that serves to engage the player, set the pace of play, and aid interactivity. Composers of video game music must master an array of specialized skills not taught in the conservatory, including the creation of linear loops, music chunks for horizontal resequencing, and compositional fragments for use within a generative framework. – Winifred Phillips

Using the example of Sophia George’s Strawberry Thief, let the Royal Scottish National Orchestra introduce the basic fundamentals of adaptive music in games. While score for feature film or television is inherently linear, the music of games has the unique ability to dynamically react to player input. Using  hands-on demonstrations Neil Cullen, the RSNO’s Digital Projects Manager, will attempt to illustrate the dual concepts that drive the majority of adaptive music: Horizontal Re-Sequencing and Vertical Re-Orchestration.

Free Entry.

developers kidsfamily
Bit Box

Dare to move 

7-10 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-2pm)

Designed by Kenny McAlpine, Senior Lecturer of Abertay University, BitBox is an installation that takes game music from the screen and brings it into the room. Using ultrasonic sensors, the system tracks your position in 3D space and uses your location in real time to create evolving soundscapes, dynamic textures and interactive music tracks. Shake and move to create your own music effect.

Free Entry

The Big Tent Evening Activities

Richard Lemarchand

Evening talk:
Games and Players: Futures and Predictions

8 Aug Fri, 6:15pm, The Big Tent, City Square

Great opportunities for innovation, experimentation and self-expression lie in wait for game designers as they create experiences for the game players of the future. Join Richard Lemarchand, former Lead Game Designer on the Uncharted series, and now a professor in the USC Games program in Los Angeles, California, for a look at the cultures and identities that will shape the technology, business and art of tomorrow’s games.

About Richard Lemarchand

Richard Lemarchand is a game designer, an educator, a writer and a consultant. He teaches game design, development and production in the Interactive Media & Games Division of the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, and has begun work on a series of experimental games as part of USC’s Game Innovation Lab.

From 2004 to 2012, Richard was a Lead Game Designer at Naughty Dog in Santa Monica, where he worked on all three games in the Uncharted series. Previously, he helped to create the successful game series Gex, Pandemonium and Soul Reaver at Crystal Dynamics. He organizes and curates the annual GDC Microtalks, and is an advocate for indie, experimental and art games.

Food and drinks are for sale inside the Big Tent throughout the evening. You can network with other developers before or after for a heated discussion with a beer in hand!


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US and Game Industry

Evening Screening:
US and the Game Industry  UK Premiere

9 Aug Sat, 6:30pm, the Big Tent

"This new generation of game designers seeks to make gaming a cerebral, artistic, or emotional experience."
– Stephanie Beth, DIRECTOR

A developer cluster was invited to contribute to discussion on design outcomes with this new form. Developers share their motivation, design process, focus and execution of game ideas. They include Jason Rohrer, Alexander Bruce, Die Gute Fabrik (whose innovative game Johann Sebastian Joust is also featured at Dare ProtoPlay this year), Zack Gage, Kellee Santiago and programmers and designers at thatgamecompany. Each developer has a different style and takes a different direction. Each wonders about the potential of digital game design.

The premiere will be followed by an expert panel chaired by Richard Lemarchand.

Click to find out more information about the documentary.

Food and drinks are for sale inside the Big Tent throughout the evening. You can network with other developers before or after for a heated discussion with a beer in hand!


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Northern Lights Ceilidh

Northern Lights Ceilidh App - Lightstream

Homecoming Scotland 2014 programme: The Northern Lights Ceilidh

10 Aug, 8pm, The Big Tent, City Square

Northern Lights Ceilidh is part of the Homecoming Scotland 2014 programmes, and is a celebration of the talent and creativity on display at Dare ProtoPlay, where innovation, experimentation and expression are supported within games design and beyond to demonstrate a convergence of cultural values in Scotland.

Northern Lights Ceilidh is the product of collaboration between staff and students from Abertay University’s School of Arts, Media and Games.  To prepare for the event, download Northern Lights Ceilidh’s app which challenges players to draw and augment digital northern lights.  The App, “Lightstream” is available soon, for free on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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Caird Hall


Dare Indie Fest

Dare Indie Fest Games Showcase

7-10 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-2pm)

Over 30 indies are showcasing their brightest ideas for the audience.

Free entry.

Check them out.


Arcade Games

Arcade Games

7-10 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-2pm)

Come play old games and take a look at the first generation consoles. We will have on display the following systems:

Sega Master System II
ZX Spectrum
Nintendo 64
Nintendo SNES
Atari Jaguar

Sega Mega Drive

Some of the games on display will include classics such as: Alex the Kidd, Street Fighter II, Doom, GoldenEye and Paperboy

Free entry.


Cosplay in association with GES
Photo by

Cosplay competition in association with Game Expo Scotland

7-10 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-2pm)

Game Expo Scotland is going to be at Dare Proto Play, bringing you a slice of what you can expect in October. Come to our stand to go hands-on with two excellent games that could be at GES 2014 and take part in our exciting cosplay Twitter competition, with 10 of the best costumes winning a t-shirt each day! Just tweet a photo of your excellent cosplay with the hashtag #GESDare or @gameexposcot to enter. We’ll also be on-hand to talk about all the brilliant opportunities indie developers and Scottish talent has at Game Expo Scotland 2014.

Free Entry

FI Games Contest

FI Games Contest

7-10 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-2pm)

Come and find out the most innovative ideas in virtual reality. Shortlisted entries of the competition will be showcased at Dare ProtoPlay.

Free Entry.

Johann Sebastian Joust

Johann Sebastian Joust

7-10 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-2pm)

As part of our innovative game design series, we bring you Johann Sebastian Joust, a no-graphics, digitally-enabled playground game designed for motion controllers.

The goal is to be the last player remaining. When the music — J.S. Bach's ‌Brandenburg Concertos — plays in slow-motion, the controllers are very sensitive to movement. When the music speeds up, the threshold becomes less strict, giving the players a small window to dash at their opponents. If your controller is ever moved beyond the allowable threshold, you're out! Try to jostle your opponents' controllers while protecting your own.

Sponsored by Die Gute Fabrik.

Free Entry.



Design your own game

7-10 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-2pm)

Create stories, games, and animations using Scratch with some guidance from our volunteers.


Join at venue.


YoYo Games

Be a game maker and win prizes !

7-10 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-2pm)

Audience is challenged to design your own game using GameMaker. Created locally in Dundee by YoYo Games, GameMaker has become one of the most popular game development tools embraced by many around the world to realise their game developer dream. Come and develop a game and win prizes of the full commercial license of GameMaker (see below for details). You can download the trial version and hone your skills first before arriving to take up the challenge: . GameMaker has the capability to publish your game. Your dream of becoming a self-publishing developer may not be that far-fetching.

Suitable for aged 10 and above.

Note: there’s only very basic guidance provided on site. Attendees are expected to learn how to use GameMaker beforehand by downloading the free version first.  


1st place: GameMaker: Studio Profession + Desktop or Mobile Export Module (RRP: $299.98)

2nd place: GameMaker: Studio Profession (RRP $99.99)

3rd place: GameMaker: Studio Profession (RRP $99.99)


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Marryat Hall at Caird Hall

Interactive Scotland

Dare Surgery in association with Interactive Scotland

7th Aug Thu, 10:30am to 16:00pm, Marryat Hall

Dare Surgery is for all Dare attendees, start-ups and independent game developers, based in Scotland, who are looking to start their own games studio or interactive business. If you are looking to hit the road then the Dare Surgery is an essential session you can’t miss!

Interactive Scotland in partnership with Dare to be Digital are hosting a series of 1-2-1 sessions on the first day of Dare to be Digital where you can come along and speak with our team and discuss your game concept, content or IP.

The Dare Surgery will be hosted by our team of Specialists and will explore topics including: sustaining revenues for your studio, understanding your target audience, route to market, commercialisation, marketing, promotion, reviewing design goals, funding as well as collaborating with other studios.

Interested? Confirm your attendance by contacting Lindsey Fahey no later than Tuesday 5th August. 

Find out  more.

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