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2016 Teams

Team Name Game Name Team came from

Team Size

Game Description

Bear With Me Project Ping California, USA and Aracaju, Brazil 3


Bluedoor Games

Among the


Dundee 6


Among the Stones is a creative puzzle platformer following Lya, a young adventurer. The game is set on a mysterious island inhabited by the Moriwa, rock people. Working together you and Moriwa can control the ground itself, building stone structures to overcome obstacles and puzzles on your path. You will find ancient ruins from the past as well as encounter dangerous guardians awoken by your presence. Throughout the journey as more Moriwa come to your aid, you may learn to use stone powers in different and challenging ways. Join Lya and her rock friends on their fun and beautiful adventure!

Crowbar Games Glaze Dundee 8


The world of Glaze is a dazzling tapestry of stained-glass. Within a celestial terrarium, a grand slumbering tree lies dormant and bare. It’s up to you to explore the suspended space and breathe life back into its branches. On your travels to gather spring pollen, you can come across vines of glass beads which can be strummed like a harp. An old man snores away, only woken up by ringing bluebells. A gentle water wheel can be spun to turn the trickle of glass into a shimmering waterfall.

Interact with novel puzzles and discover a living, translucent world in Glaze.

dare2016 FINIFUGU && Friends TACENDA London 6


Tacenda is an interactive storytelling experience for mobile devices which presents real life stories in a beautiful 3D illustrated world. Presented as an ever-moving train carriage populated by an enigmatic cast of characters, Tacenda gives players the opportunity to interact with these characters, listen to their stories and collect their memories in a persistent in-game library.

Using audio sourced from the BBC’s Listening Project, Tacenda presents the true lived stories of people from a variety of backgrounds as bite-sized chunks, designed to be contemplated over the span of a real-life train journey or commute.

Hermit Games The Path India 3



Puth: The Path, is a 2.5d adventure platformer. It's a narrative driven game, it's about the journey of a young boy in search for something he has lost which ends up being introspection. The core of this game is communication. You play as a mute kid who can only interact with emotional outbursts (through emoticons). You use these emoticons to communicate with the environment and solve puzzles to traverse across and also to communicate with other characters in the games and solve quests.

dare2016 Ludico Pentagrab Dundee 5


"Pentagrab!" is a 2D fast and frantic competitive arcade game for up to 4 players, created by Ludico.
Players control mischievous cultists, sacrificing items on their pentagrams to gain points, while also placing incorrect items on the pentagrams of other players to sabotage the competition.

Our cartoon style emphasises the slapstick comedy moments created by the gameplay and encourages player interaction.

Pentagrab’s core principles are simple controls and being easy to understand, so that anyone, experienced or casual in gaming, can pick up a controller and play. Everyone can enjoy the game’s most important quality, THE FUN!

Dare2016 Orbital Shark

Major Hyperdrift


Belgium 5


Major Hyperdrift League (MHL) is a ship racing tournament set in a far future. Races take place everywhere across the galaxy.
You are a pilot, enlisted by one of the biggest companies organizing the MHL, your goal is simple, make money, either by destroying your opponents, winning the races, or betting on your friends!

dare2016 Pacoda TwirlTrail Surrey 5


A new take on the classic Rubik’s cube! Help our furry little friend prevent the fall of his race, the Pacodas, and their land by twisting and turning the world itself. Centuries ago the Pacodas were blessed by the spirits with a mystical cube that rose their land to the heavens and to honour them, four temples were created. Now the time has come once again to guide the chosen traveler through his fateful journey as he goes across each temple facing numerous challenges and restore power to the cube.

dare2016 Rebound Rebound Glasgow 8


Rebound is an intense local multiplayer twin-stick sci-fi dodgeball game. An out of control mess of crazed rebounding action! There is nowhere to hide with the top down camera, so you better stay on the move!

The game is 2-4 players in a free-for-all deathmatch arena. You only have your own skills to rely on and with one hit and you’re out, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. Use the mutators to your advantage to get an edge on your opponents and hone your skills to near perfection. Master the arena. Conquer the tournament. Become a champion!

dare2016 Square Mountain No Trace Portsmouth 4


No Trace is a stylised top down action stealth game set in the near future. Meticulously plan your approach and assassinate target(s) without detection or go in all guns blazing with precision gun-play. Infiltrate, kill, and vanish. How you complete the mission is up to you.

Study your target's profile, observe them and case the environment. Open NPC profiles to discover strengths weaknesses that can be exploited such as, habits, behavioral patterns, and potential ‘death traps’, using many creative and inventive ways to silently move through the environment and assassinate your target.




Grassdancer California 6


Grassdancer is a 3D action-adventure game about a tiny bug building a sanctuary in a world that wants to eat them. The game takes place in a field full of insects, food, and predators -- a seemingly sprawling space which is actually only a few meters wide. 

The core mechanic of Grassdancer is climbing up and darting between the game's physically simulated grass. With lightning-quick leaps and bounds players cover vast distances at breakneck speeds. Doing this, players must traverse the dangerous game world, avoid predators, and ultimately gather a stockpile of seeds with which to plant their garden sanctuary.

dare2016 Team Our Own Storm

 Our Own


California, Ohio, Athens 5


Our Own Storm is a reflective narrative game about empathy. Taking place on the fictional war torn island Isle Tolsia, the player never kills. But when they are killed, the player takes control of their killer. It’s easy to forget that NPCs are representations of people. Our Own Storm challenges us to see our digital opponents as more than just targets. Experience stories and cross battle lines as you switch characters in a besieged fictional island city.

dare2016 Turtle Games Unjust Wales 4


Unjust is a multiplayer survival shooter which is made of two parts that form an ecosystem between two worlds that usually don’t mix. The first takes the form of a game show where the underprivileged can compete in races through dangerous environments to entertain the viewers. The second part is a web application where viewers can affect the games through traps and other tools. They will have the possibility to sponsor and help out a player while hindering others.

Experience the system, become the experience.

We Eat Games


Amazing Space Cadette

Paris 6


Stella: Amazing Space Cadette is a 3D platformer for the PC.
You play as Stella, a rookie Space Cadette on her first mission ever.
You will have to defend the galaxy from the evil Space Pirates by inflating your astrosuit with different gases that grant you different abilities.
Use Light gases that will allow you to fly on air currents or float above liquids, or Heavy gases that will make you sink to the bottom of bodies of water and go against strong currents.

dare2016 Wee Door ELK Dundee and Edinburgh 4


ELK is a 2.5D stealth puzzle platformer we're creating for Apple iPads and iPhones.The characters are created using traditional stop frame animation. The rest of the game's world is created using 2D and 3D assets. 

The Story

The humans tore Elk away from his family. Now, frightened and alone in a strange land he doesn’t know, he has to find his way back to them. He sets off on the dangerous journey alone. On the way he encounters many obstacles and more humans with perilous consequences. But Elk is smart. He can hide. He can watch the humans from the shadows. Wait patiently and he might just find the opportunity to escape and find his way back to the family he lost.

dare2016 Yumpa Eloryn's Partition Belgium 4


"Eloryn's Partition" is an adventure game set in a world where music has magical properties.
You play as Nuby, a little masked fellow who dismantled the whole world around him when playing a stolen musical instrument. 
Along with Touba, the millenial spirit of the instrument he woke up, Nuby will need to find his way in the fragmented world and restore the harmony in Eloryn by using the power of musical notes on his path.
The game features an in-game level editor to offer each player to compose and share a small world or a challenging path with the community.



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