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Dare Heroes

Dare 2014Kai CreedonDominic Littler, ArtistCian McNabola, Artist and AnimatorDan AllanStephen Harland, ProgrammerJiaxu Guo, Programmer, DesignerJonathan PaceLee GregoryDexter CamilleriPieter Jollans, ProgrammerWilliam Cachia, ProgrammerAmy StevensRoss Davies Vimarsh RaniaJess HiderChris DicksonGary SpiersGary WelshWilliam McCarterTom BeattieBarney RandallRobin SilcockJess MagnusShaun SladeSteven TaarlandArchie YatesCatherine Fox, Artist/Designer/AudioAdam FoxDean FarringtonDan GrossGavrielo AmanteMark Cabia-AnTom ClarkeGordon McKendrickAndrew AllanJulie KennedyErin MercerRaghav BashyalNatalie GravierSydney TussJason RonzaniVivek Deshpande Anand Navneeth, Designer/ProgrammerAshik SharifShashank ChavanKarthikeyan DhandapaniNiall TaylorAdam CurtisAaron MossGlen SymnsZhixiu Liu, ProgrammerRichard Tonks, 3D ArtistKevin Wong, Game Designer

Dare 2013

Dare 2012Kimi SulopuistoScott WilsonRobin GriffithsAndrew KillingbeckDavid TaylorEric SkillenHugh LairdJason StewartKarl InglottLior RosenspitzRalph NormanRichard Navin RajRohit SarkarThomas McParlandTom LairdPasi Pitkänen Andrew MacleanNikita BewleyMinttu Meriläinen Alastair Brown Kenneth Mackinnon Albert Vaca Cintora Sam Denvir Abhas Dhulekar Elinor Townsend Philip Cooper-King Jake Carney Ronan QuigleyGanesh JeyamoorthyNicolás Gil Soriano Andrew Jackson Adam Hastings Kailin Zhu Jesse Hurtado William Mincher Charlie McFadden Petri Liuska Stuart MartinGarry Soutar Luke Harrison Mustafa Fatih Cetiner Bradley Austin Heather Cooper Víctor Guerrero Corbi Roger Valldeperas Vili Viitaniemi

Dare 2011Toby Clement - ArtistRosemary Ball - ArtistKashyap - ProgrammerAnura Rajapaksa - ProgrammerJose  B Martinez - ProducerMatthew O'Halloran - ArtistDonna McAvoy - ArtistLouise McConnell - ArtistMalath Abbas - ArtistHolly Martin - ArtistRussell Browne - ProgrammerAgne Gediminskaite - ProgrammerOliver Curry - AudioOlympia Mavridou - ArtistCalum Minuti-Goold - AudioRobbie Cargill - ProgrammerIan Raynolds - ProgrammerMark Foley - ArtistCamilo Albarracin - ProgrammerConor O'Neill - ProgrammerHaiyang Zhou - ProgrammerStuart Brown - ProgrammerNicky Rhodes - ArtistCristian Stefanescu - ProgrammerStuart Cooper - ArtistRhys Thomas - ProgrammerMatthew Jackson - ProgrammerDaisy Spiers - ArtistSophia George - ArtistKristian Francis - ArtistStephen O'Neill - ProgrammerGai Meng - ProgrammerDaniel Scholes - ArtistTheo Muller - ProducerMark Bamford - ProgrammerRoman Graebsch - Game DesignerRoss McCafferty - ArtistPetr Papez - ProgrammerErin Michno - ProgrammerAmr Din - ArtistSergi Herrero Collada - ProgrammerNicolas Chemin - ProgrammerSteven Knock - ArtistThomas Wood - ProgrammerMichael Zaman - ProgrammerBenjamin Wilson - ProgrammerDaniel McMahon - ArtistEd Campion - Game DesignerGovardhan Gosavi - ProgrammerBeau Melo-Robinson - ArtistMat Stevenson - ProgrammerClaire Moncrieff - ArtistColin Whiteside - Programmer

Past Dare participants, leave us some comments please (at the bottom of the page).

Robin Griffiths

If you have the chance and are interested in making games do not hesitate to apply. This was an amazing experience. Its given me confidence in myself, showing just how much I can achieve in a short space of time and helped me meet some fantastic and like minded people. Unforgettable, would do it again in a heartbeat and I'm just sad that it's over.

Karl Inglott

You can't believe it when you're there and you can't believe it when it's all over!

Dare to be Digital was one hell of a ride! Spending 9 weeks doing something you enjoy with a great bunch of people. I will never forget my time in the contest. It has been one of the biggest highlights of my life. I would recommend it to anyone who dreams of working in the games industry. The satisfaction you get from showcasing the project you've spent 8 and half weeks solidly on is immense and the experience of making a game within such tight time-scales is invaluable. Go and apply for the next Dare contest. He who Dares, wins! :) 

Vili Viitaniemi

Quess I just have to repeat what everybody else has already said: if you have the chance, apply to this competition! Dare is easily one of the best experiences I've ever had. You get to meet new talented people, both students and industry mentors, and learn a lot from them. Also, developing a game from scratch in just 9 weeks really forces you to learn to be cooperative with your teammates and make the best out of the different game development situations, which is crucial. In the end, you also get valuable opinions about your game from the public! In short: Once in a lifetime experience. You won't regret it.

Abhas Dhulekar

Well as everyone said, its also same with me too, Dare was one of the best experience of my life. Even though it was a competition, i never felt like it at any moment. Everyone was so good and talented, and to work with all you guys was so fun!! Learning curve while Dare was exponential...Seriously i mean for me i can say i learnt a lot during those 9 weeks. And to add topping on this, was the mentoring by the industry experts. I think everyone should apply for the Dare you wont forget it ever. 

Kimi Sulopuisto

One of the best experiences in my life. Dare to be Digital is a MUCH better lesson in game development than any school course could ever hope to teach. If you're serious about studying games and getting a job in the industry, make sure you apply.

Thomas Laird

The knowledge you gain from working in a close team for 9 weeks is invaluable. You meet so many people and learn so much about how the industry works there really is no reason why you shouldn't apply. Plus ProtoPlay is awesome, just seeing the public's reaction to your games. Do it now!!

Pasi Pitkänen

Dare to be Digital was one of the best experiences in my life. I learned so much from my fellow participants and the mentors that came in and gave us valuable feedback week after week! On top of this, you get to see massive amount of people playing your game and have a permanent smile on their face. :)

ps. You will also gain a lot of connections to the game industry, which are more valuable than money!

Andrew MacLean

Working for 9 weeks on a single project that then gets displayed at an exhibition, is definitely the best thing for anyone trying to get into the game development business. I strongly recommend applying to anyone and everyone!


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