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DareProtoPlay 2013


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Dare ProtoPlay 2013:

8-11 Aug (Thu-Sun), 10am - 6pm (5pm Sun), Caird Hall & City Square, Dundee

"Thank you, Protoplay - you've got my gaming heart beating again!"
"Mainly came for a day out for the family. I found it very interesting myself."
"It was educational as well as fun."

Building on the final phase of the international video games design competition Dare to be Digital, Dare ProtoPlay is the UK's biggest indie games festival, taking place over 4 days in August every year. Dare ProtoPlay 2013 will be held in Caird Hall, City Centre and Hannah Maclure Centre in Dundee on 8-11 August. Entry to the Dare to be Digital games and the Dare Indie Showcase games is free. More than 40 games to be played for free.There are also many other education programmes to be enjoyed by a little more serious developers. Check below for more details.Dare ProtoPlay is sponsored by Creative Scotland, Event Scotland and Dundee City Council. Our general theme this year is convergence. You will see a lot of cross-media activities. Hope you will enjoy.

UK's largest indie games festival.Dare Indie FestClick to find out more.

Dare ProtoPlay 2013 Programmes. Find out more and Book now. If you have any questions, feel free to drop an email to

developersactivities suitable for games developers or creative workers, click here to see a snapshot
familyactivities suitable for family, clicke here to see a snapshot
activities for kids or teenagers, click here to see a snapshot

Click to see Activites in the: 
Marquee (Dare 2013 games, National Theatre of Scotland, Wacom Manga competition and famility activites) 
Caird Hall (UK Indie games, Games Made in Scotland, Dare Launchpad workshops for teenagers and Dare+ for start-ups) 
Marryat Hall at Caird Hall (Conference, games jam with Jesse Schell, BAFTA Question Time, Women in Games and movie Exit Through the Gift Shop
MaClure Centre (Games for the blind exhibition and panel discussion)




Dare to be Digital 2013 Games

8-11 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-4pm)

Come play 15 brand new games developed by talent from the Dare to be Digital contestants. Industry judges will pick 3 winning teams from Dare to be Digital to become the sole nominations of the BAFTA Ones To Watch Award.

You can also have your say by voting them to win the  Audience Award.

Free Entry. Check them out.

Click here.


Junior Judges

Junior Judges

8, 9, 10 Aug (11am-4pm)

The ever popular Junior Judges is back. Kids between 8-14 are invited to become junior judges at Dare ProtoPlay. Bookings are now open and must be booked by parents or guardians. £8 per ticket. Only limit to 20 participants per day. 

Participants will get:

- a priority pass to play all the Dare to be Digital games
- judging guidelines to help you go through the process
- a Junior Judge T-shirt to make you stand out from the crowd
- a new game suitable for family

8 Aug (Thu) SOLD OUT

9 Aug (Fri) SOLD OUT

10 Aug (Sat) SOLD Out


Design your own game

8-11 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-4pm)

Create stories, games, and animations using Scratch with some guidance from our volunteers. 


Join at venue.

familydevelopersWacom Manga

Wacom Manga competition

Let your imagination run wild and live out your creative freedom down to the very last detail – with Bamboo Manga Pen & Touch. Come and join the Wacom Manga competition with prizes to be won. 

Check out the functions of the Wacom Manga


Join at venue

developers kids

Other by National Theatre Scotland and Quartic Llama

National Theatre of Scotland, in partnership with award-winning Dundee-based games development studio Quartic Llama and University of Abertay Dundee, dare you to discover Other – a alternate reality sound game, leading you through the streets of Dundee, on a journey across the shadows into the city’s dark side…

Featured recently on BBC Culture Studio, the Guardian Game blog, Pocketgamer and The Literary Platform, Other sees theatre and horror gaming collide on the streets of Dundee.

Each day during the festival, we have space for 5 brave ProtoPlayers to explore Other.

16 years+.

Have you answered the phone at Dare ProtoPlay? If you have not, here is what you are missing brought to you  by the National Theatre of Scotland.


Find out more and book now

16 years+

Caird Hall


Dare Indie Fest

Dare Indie Fest Games Showcase

8-11 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-4pm)

There are 10,000+ reasons why you should be showing off your games to the 10,000 visitors at the Dare to be Digital Indie Showcase.

Open for application from studios UK and abroad.

Only limited space left for studios. Apply Now.  

Free entry for the public.

Check out who will be there.


Games Made in Scotland Showcase

8-11 Aug (10am-6pm & Sun 10am-4pm)

Supported by Creative Scotland, Games Made in Scotland will take the audience through a nostalgic journey of what Scotland has offered to the games world. Come to discover and play some of the old games and take a look at the first generation consoles. McManus Gallery will also showcase part of their collection.

Free entry for the public.


Games Made in Scotland Collector's Club @Dare ProtoPlay 2013

8-11 Aug (12noon-2pm)

You may  have your own collection of old games, old posters, old consoles or old artwork. Join the club and share with others and play those games together in a nostalgic setting.

Free. Book your place now.


Video Games Studio

Dare Launchpad - Game Creation workshops for age 11-16

8-9 Aug, 10am-4pm

The Dare Launchpad workshops are designed for kids aged 11 to 16 with an aim of introducing them to basic skills and knowledge of computer games development. Most importantly of all; they will  have a great time creating games for themselves.

The Launchpad workshops at Dare ProtoPlay will be separated into 2 parts:

Part 1 (8 Aug) will focus on an introduction of different skills including programming, art and design. The participants will then have the opportunity to create a simple interactive story using LiveCode.

Part 2 (9 Aug) of the workshop will help participants form teams and work as a micro studio to create a game using the design tool GameMaker.

All these workshops are targeted for novices; no previous development knowledge is required. All you need is basic knowledge of how to use a computer and an interest in finding out more about behind the scenes of computer games creation. You can choose either one workshop or both.

Book Part 1 now. £20


Book Part 2 now. £20.


Book Part 1 and Part 2 now. £35


developers -


10 Aug, 11am-6pm

Dare Plus 2013 will be an intensive one day workshop focusing on the key areas of business development for games start-ups. We’ll have industry experts lead us through the day, giving you real-life examples of how to successfully address the criteria for success in the games industry. At the end of the workshop you’ll have a clear idea of what it takes to take an innovative idea for a game to a profitable business.

- Innovation in the Games Industry 
- IP - Protect your Property 
- Office basics - Run Your Business Efficiently
- Marketing - Stand out from the Crowd
- Pitching for Success

  Henderson Loggie

Free. Book now.

Aged 16+



Marryat Hall at Caird Hall


Dare Indie Fest

Dare Indie Fest Conference

8-9 Aug (10am-5pm)

Dare Indie Fest is part of Dare ProtoPlay, the UK's largest video games indie festival which attracted 10,000 visitors last year.

The 2-day conference (8-9 Aug) will have a focus on "independence and convergence culture" drawing in speakers who will explore convergence from different angles including business, creativity, culture, cross-media discoveries, how big companies can converge with independent games developers plus informing and inspiring indies about cross-media opportunities with different case studies. Check out the speakers' biography and their topic here.

Speakers include the following:

- Ian Livingstone, Chairman at Playdemic Limited
- Ken Hay, Chief Executive of Edinburgh International Film Festival and Filmhouse
- Philip Long, Director, V&A at Dundee
- Imre Jele, Creator-In-Chief, Bossa Studios

- Colin Macdonald, Games Commissioning Editor, Channel 4
- Jody Smith, Multiplatform Commissioning Editor, Channel 4
- Philippa Tomlin, Creative Director of Other, National Theatre of Scotland
- Tom deMajo, co-founder of Quartic Llama
- Sophia George, the V&A’s first Game Designer in Residence
- Simon Meek, creative director of The Story Mechanics
- Gina Fegan, founder of D-Media Network
- Salvatore Fileccia, Incubation Director at Lift London, a new Microsoft studio
- Troels Linde, Head of Program at EUCROMA

All Dare Indie Fest Conference participants are invited to a launch party on 8 Aug at 6pm in the marquee, sponsored by Interactive Scotland.

Book Standard ticket £30





BAFTA Question Time

9 Aug 4-5pm

BAFTA Question Time invites the public to submit questions to ask our panelists. Our theme at Dare Indie Fest this year is independence and convergence culture. This may be a start for you to think about your questions. But any questions are welcome.

- Imre Jele, Creator-In-Chief, Bossa Studios
Salvatore Fileccia, Incubation Director at Lift London, a new Microsoft studio
- Philippa Tomlin, Creative Director of Other, National Theatre of Scotland
- Sophia George, co-founder, Swallowtail Games


Attend or Submit your question now.


Women in Games Q&A

8 Aug 3pm

Sophia George, the BAFTA Ones to Watch winner and the first ever games designer in residence of V&A joins the stage with Erin Michno, co-founder of Quartic Llama studio to talk about their games career as a woman. One artist and one programmer will share their experience with other girls who want to know more about getting in to the industry. Parents with their children and independent women with their own ambition are all welcome.


Register Now.

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Jesse Schell

Dare Jam at Dare Indie Fest

10-11 Aug (10am-6pm & 10am-4pm)

To celebrate the independent and convergent culture in the creative industries, Dare ProtoPlay 2013 collaborates with Blue Skies Festival to explore cross-media culture on the same subject matter. Dare is calling for independent computer games developers to play around Blue Skies Festival's theme of flying, stargazing and rainbow chasing with their digital skills at the Dare Jam on 10-11 August in Caird Hall.

We are delighted to announce that Jesse Schell will be opening Dare Jam 2013, in partnership with the Turing Festival.

As part of Dare ProtoPlay, Dare Jam will launch with Jesse Schell speaking on convergence and gamification. He will then reveal the sub-theme of the jam and offer some mentoring during the jam sessions.

Jesse Schell is an American video game designer, an acclaimed author, CEO of Schell Games and Distinguished Professor of the Practice of Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center, a joint master's program between the College of Fine Arts and School of Computer Science. Jesse's previous roles include Creative Director of Walt Disney Imagineering. Jesse's DICE 2010 talk, "Beyond Facebook", was named a TED "Best of the Web" talk, and has had over a million views online.

Blue Skies festival    Turing Festival IGDA

Book standard ticket £5


FREE for:
1) student aged 16+ with a student ID &
2) Dare Indie Fest Conference ticket holder.

But you must book separately. Click now.



Exit through the gift shop

Exit Through the Gift Shop The Movie and digital graffiti workshop

10 Aug Sat 8pm

To follow on our theme of convergence this year, Dare Protoplay are delighted to present a special one-off screening of Exit Through the Gift Shop, a movie directed by Banksy, followed by a hands-on demonstration of Digital Graffiti.

Released in 2010, Exit Through the Gift Shop is the story of how an eccentric French shop keeper and amateur film maker attempted to locate and befriend Banksy, only to have the artist turn the camera back on its owner. The film contains footage of Banksy, Shephard Fairey, Invader and many of the world's most infamous graffiti artists at work.

Following the screening, audience will be challenged to transform the facade of Caird Hall into a giant canvas for the ‘Tagtool’ – an interactive digital graffiti app that can be used as a VJ tool, a creative video game, or an intuitive way of creating animation. You will have the opportunity to try out the original DIY version or get your hands on the iPad app and create graffiti/drawings on a massive scale with the guidance by a master!

Book now. £4

Hannah Maclure Centre (click here for the address)


Field of Vision

Game Design for the blind

10 Aug Sat 3pm

Dare Protoplay are happy to announce a collaboration with Abertay’s Hannah Maclure Centre, showcasing the crossover with Visual Arts research and game design for the disabled. David Lyon’s exhibition ‘Double Blind Test Series’ is an investigation into visual perception and Braille, manifested as a series of prints incorporating Braille, literary texts and the Ishihara Colour Blind Test.

David will chair a panel made up of  experts in the field of vision and perception, design meeting disability, gaming for the blind and fine art for the blind to investigate how game developers and artists can create games for the visually impaired, and also inspire other art forms and design methods.

Free entry.

Join at venue.

Creative Scotland Event Scotland

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