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Dare+ 2012


Dare+ 2012 has now closed. 

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Are you ready to turn your game-making passion into a business?

Dare Plus(16 July - 12 August 2012)

Supported by Creative Scotland and Abertay University, Dare+ will recruit 20 computer games enthusiasts/entrepreneurs and support them to develop their business potential/start up readiness and take products to market in a studio environment. There will be team building, mentoring and support to develop business and technical skills.This programme is FREE for the shortlisted individuals as well as teams.

Who's it for?

The residential day-programme is designed for computer games developers as well as designers, producers and enterpreneurs who want to start a business in making games but need support in mentoring and a platform to meet like-minded people to team up with and potentially go into business together.


9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, 16 July 2012 to 12 August 2012 (including 3 day attendance at Dare ProtoPlay). All participants have to attend Dare ProtoPlay for all 3 days 10-12 August.


Abertay University with accommodation provided.


Innovation workshop

Concept development

Concept pitching workshop

Concept pitches to panel


Prototype application session

Business modelling workshop

Business planning workshop

Start-up support event (Agency fair)

Audience development and marketing workshop

IP and Legal advice session

Investment pitching workshop

Investment pitches to panel

Product presentation workshops

Presentation development

Showcase installation

ProtoPlay Indie festival and Conference

How to apply?

Please fill in the application form on this page and submit before 6 July 2012. Interviews may be conducted when the organiser sees necessary. All applications will be informed of the result before the course starts on 16 July.

Click here to apply as an Individual

Click here to apply as a Team

Terms & Conditions

- All applicants must be aged over 18.

- Individuals as well as teams of no more than 4 team members can apply.

- Only serious developers with a sound business idea will be invited to participate in the programme. No academic pre-requisite required.

- All participants are required to commit four weeks to complete the course and attend the 3-day event Dare ProtoPlay.

- If required, accommodation can be provided at no cost.


Q: I live outside Scotland. Can I apply?
A: Yes, you can apply.

Q: I live outside the UK. Can I apply?
A: Yes. The programme is open to international developers, not just UK residents. Participants must be aged 18 or over.

Q: Who pays for the travel to Dundee?
A: All participants are responsible for the costs and arrangements for travelling to Dundee and obtaining any necessary visa required to enter the UK should they be selected. They are also required to cover their own daily expenses. If required, the organiser can provide free accommodation, which will have cooking facilities.

Q: I have never developed a game before. But I have a very good game idea. Can I apply?
A: The programme is designed for people who are ready and serious to start a business in making computer games. If you have never been involved in the process of developing a computer game before, you will need to convince us in the application form what you can benefit from the programme and how you are going to contribute to other team members. You do not need to have a game idea to join. A game idea can be generated in the beginning of the course. But the process will help you refine your own game idea, which you may or may not want to share with your Dare+ team.

Q: What is the outcome of the programme?
A: The objective of the programme is to develop a solid game idea supported by a simple software prototype or demo plus a business plan. 

Q: How do you team up members?
A: We will team up members according to different people's skills to make sure every team will be able to pull off a simple prototype at the end for demonstration at Dare ProtoPlay.

Q: How do you select members to join the programme?
A: We will mainly look at how applicants can benefit from the programme and what they can contribute to it. The factor of getting members with complementary skills will also be looked at.

Q: I have a very good game idea. How do you protect my IP if you team me up with other members whom I may have never met before?
The aim of the workshop is to develop entrepreneur skills and go through the process of a business formation in computer games development. Everything discussed during the workshop is open to all participants. There is no protection to any ideas or concepts. You don’t need to have a game idea to join. A game concept can be generated through collective work.

Q: If I already have a team when I join the programme, do I have to be teamed up with other people?
A: You need to have at least 3 team members with complimentary skills to pull off a solid business plan as well as a game prototype or demo in order to qualify as a team. Otherwise, you will need to work with other participants in a team.  



Dare + Team blogs

Brian McNicoll

The workshop is led by
Brian McNicoll.

Brian is a highly-experienced games industry entrepreneur who founded the BAFTA-award winning Dynamo Games back in 2004. Dynamo is the developers of the Championship Manager series for mobile and many other successful titles across platforms such as Facebook, iPhone, iPad, PSP & Android. Brian is one of the few, uniquely-placed, individuals within the gaming industry who manages to combine technical, creative design and commercialisation skills for gaming products. He has now moved into consultancy and founded Haptic Play in early 2012.

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