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Sponsor Packages

Sponsorship packages for Dare to be Digital/Dare ProtoPlay 2013

Dare to be Digital is a high profile computer games design competition. Together with its final showcase computer games festival Dare ProtoPlay, it attracted the attention of thousands of visitors every year. The 3-day Dare ProtoPlay alone attracted more than 10,000 visitors and it's the biggest computer games festival in Scotland. The events presents excellent promotional opportunities to companies, who want to reach computer games fans, young adults and families. For more information about becoming a sponsor of Dare to be Digital/Dare ProtoPlay, please contact

Promotional period: January – August 2013
Dare to be Digital competition: 10 June to 7 August 2013, Abertay University
Dare ProtoPlay: 8-11 August 2013, Caird Hall + City Square, Dundee

Social Media Sponsor

Dare 2013 will have a range of new social media engaging activities reaching university students through iPhone apps, Android apps and Facebook apps. The social media sponsor’s logo or brand image can appear in all the apps during the promotional period. Tentative plan will include a call-for-entry app for iOS, Android and Facebook and a Dare ProtoPlay app for the three platforms

Sponsor of Marquee at City Square

Two marquees (12mx20m, 15mx50m) are joined together to form a big exhibition space at the City Square of Dundee. Huge with wow factor, the marquees will serve as the main feature of the event. Marquee sponsor holds the right to have their branding shown outside the marquee for 5 days (7 August set up and 8-11 Aug for the event) at Dare ProtoPlay.

Advertising in Dare ProtoPlay programme

8,000 copies will be printed and distributed at the venue free of charge to all attendees. Full page 4C ads are available for companies who want to target games developers, young adults as well as family consumers.

Event bag

10,000 event bags will be printed. The sponsor logo will be printed on the bag, which people carry at Dare ProtoPlay and take home. The bag will contain any sponsor’s souvenirs and our programme.

Mouse pad

The competition will select 75 talented students from the UK and abroad. They will spend 9 weeks in Abertay University working as teams to finish a game prototype. The sponsor’s mouse pads are put on their development desks. Mentors from different UK games studios will be visiting the teams throughout the 9 weeks.

Desktop Background

Sponsor’s branding will appear on the desktop background of all the development machines, which the 75 students use throughout the 9 weeks.

Pull-up banner at Development Centre (Abertay University)

Company pull-up banners placed at the development centre at Abertay University will be exposed to 75 talented students and visiting mentors.

Welcome party

Offer a reception lunch welcoming students to start the competition in Dundee with sponsor’s speech included.

Developers’ party

A drinks party during Dare ProtoPlay to celebrate the teams’ final works. Judges and industry people will be invited.

Dare Awards

There are 3 main Dare awards. Every award will be named after the sponsor. The awards will be mentioned on our web-site, our press releases and the sponsor will be invited to present the award at the Awards Ceremony, attended by hundreds on 11 August 2013.

Sponsor of Dare ProtoPlay talks

Talks are arranged to target hundreds of aspiring developers. The sponsor’s logo will be projected on the stage curtain. Pull-up banners at entrance of the hall and logo on the Dare web-site.

Sponsor of Games Tournament

An open tournament targeting youngsters (aged 14-20) will be held. Tournament sponsor’s branding will cover the area in: mouse pads, logo projection, desktop background and provision of any souvenirs.

Goodie bag sponsor

Provide any souvenir into our goodie bags.

Title sponsor

• Sponsorship in highest profile
• Naming right of Dare to be Digital and Dare ProtoPlay
• Logo and mentioning on all advertising campaigns including TV, print, radio, online and
  social media apps and the Dare web-site. The campaign reach has exceeded one million
  people in 2012
• Boilerplate in all press releases
• Customised press-releases
• Branding in all of the above-mentioned opportunities

To request more information, please contact

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