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2006 Teams

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Rule of Thumb

Gal-EX: Spatial Delivery

ScreenshotGal-Ex: Spatial Delivery is a visually rich, action game with platform and puzzle elements. The two main characters are Jake and Goup. Jake is a package delivery boy for the Galactic Express Courier Company. Goup is a living gelatinous putty who can take many forms. Jake’s ship has crashed into a robot factory, scattering his cargo everywhere. Your goal is to use Jake and Goup to collect the packages from the ship, while avoiding robot patrols and dodging machinery. The two main characters can be combined to access new powers and abilities, which can be upgraded as you progress.

Rule of Thumb are Hugh O'Keeffe, Alan McNicholas, Willie Horton, Dave Doherty, Seamus Gallagher and Madan Katnapally.Winners of best programmer (Alan McNicholas), best team players and best use of technology for product delivery.

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Phaigo Interactive


Code Monkeys

Enduring Fragments

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